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TIPS - Stress-free festive season



If you want a relaxed and stress-free festive season, it’s important to start your preparations now. That way, you can enjoy Christmas and the New Year to the full. With these festive and light-hearted tips from professional organizer and life & business coach Sara Van Wesenbeeck, it’s a goal you can easily achieve:


  • TIP 1 - Make notes

Buy a notebook, take it with you wherever you go and make notes on everything for the festive season in this one place: ideas for presents, arrangements, tips, recipes… Getting it all down on paper keeps your mind free and cuts down on stress considerably.


  • TIP 2 - Plan

Prepare for the festive season properly. Write down what needs to happen and when it needs to be ready by. Where will you be spending Christmas and the New Year, who are you inviting, who do you want to give presents to? Work out the broad outlines now, and the details can follow later.


  • TIP 3 - Work out a festive season budget and save up

Christmas and the New Year are an expensive time. If you don’t want to overspend, it’s useful to make a budget: how much you plan to spend on presents, food, clothes, etc. Make an estimate, and then you won’t be caught out.


  • TIP 4 - Draw up a list of present ideas for your family and friends

You still have time to give the matter some thought. Once your list is ready, you can go in search of the ideal present efficiently.


  • TIP 5 - Start shopping now

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute. That way, you can avoid indecisiveness and long queues in crowded shops. Don’t forget to keep track of your budget.


  • TIP 6 - Delegate

Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Ask for support, and give your family members a task. Get your children to help too: Christmas and the New Year are an ideal occasion for children to learn a little about organizing, tidying, budgeting and planning.


  • TIP 7 - Organize yourself and your environment

Looking for quick results with tidying your house in time for the holidays? First give the rooms where you’ll be receiving visitors a tidy-up, starting with sorting out and putting away all the things that are lying around. If you don’t feel like making a start on your own, ask a professional organizer to do the job with you.


  • TIP 8 - Give some thought to your New Year’s resolutions right now

Make a list of your resolutions, pick out the one you regard as most important and give it your best shot in the New Year. Treat yourself to a coaching session with professional organizer and life & business coach Sara Van Wesenbeeck or a talk or a workshop by Sara so that you can achieve your resolutions successfully.


Plus Organizing® and professional organizer and life & business coach Sara Van Wesenbeeck wish you a festive season that’s full of warmth and good cheer – and free of stress!



Want to get off to a flying start structuring, ordering, sorting out and organizing yourself, your family, your life, your work? Contact professional organizer and coach, trainer and speaker Sara Van Wesenbeeck: with her support, you can do it now.

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Stress-free festive season

8 useful tips for a stress-free festive season.




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