"I can't thank you enough for your guidance and counsel.

I am very grateful for all the positive energy you infused in me!'
- N.D. New York City

At work

Your ducks in a row


Plus Organizing® and life & business coach and professional organizer Sara Van Wesenbeeck help managers, companies and workforces to bring order where confusion reigns.


Sara Van Wesenbeeck coaches, supports, accompanies and advises you at work:

  • preventing overloading of managers, executives and coworkers: more balance, functioning with fewer restrictions and less stress, achieving more success with less effort
  • increasing your (personal) efficiency and effectiveness and contribution (to the team) in your company or organization
  • structuring and organizing: work space, time, jobs, equipment, administration, digital information, work processes, work-life balance, inbox, events, communication, projects
  • doing your work with greater ease
  • effective communication
  • conflict avoidance
  • managing conflicts
  • growing in a company or organization
  • seeking new professional challenges
  • changes in your company or in your professional life
  • striking a happy medium between your work and your home life


A personal coaching and support program may deliver the following (this list is of course not exhaustive):

  • increased (personal) efficiency and effectiveness
  • you get more done in less time
  • a well-oiled diary, planning and mailbox
  • keeping your deadlines
  • a clean, tidy office
  • easy processing of tasks, mail, administration and email
  • stimulating your creativity
  • clearer agreements with colleagues, managers and teams
  • easy delegation in case of (unexpected) absence
  • good organization on (business) trips
  • happy management, coworkers and customers
  • simplifying your work life
  • get organized and stay organized
  • achieving more success
  • better work-life balance



Life & business coach and certified professional organizer, motivational speaker and published author Sara Van Wesenbeeck is your partner and coach for:

  • personal coaching
  • workshops
  • training courses
  • lectures


Life & business coach, professional organizer and author Sara Van Wesenbeeck (born 1966) draws on her ample experience as coach and professional organizer and various consultancy and advisory functions for companies such as VRT Radio, EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and the care sector.


Sara's passion is to improve the quality of life for others. Her style is to get you motivated and get you into action so you can reach your goals.


Sara has expertise and experience in:

  • (personal) coaching
  • personal development and growth
  • business coaching
  • talent development
  • mediation/conflictcoaching
  • change management
  • project management
  • lifestyle management
  • advising
  • personal organizing
  • communication (improvement)
  • journalism
  • (self)marketing
  • developing and leading of workshops, training and coaching sessions
  • public speaking
  • project completion
  • worklife-balance
  • facilitation of processes for performance improvement, quality, creativity and results


Sara Van Wesenbeeck is an EU Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador. In that function she inspires, motivates and coaches women opting for a career in business.


As an experienced (international) public speaker/trainer Sara creates presentations, seminars, workshops and keynotes delivered in small, interactive groups or to large audiences.


Sara is the author of 4 books, published by Lannoo Pubishers Ltd:

  • 'Het handboek voor de spitsuurvrouw' ('Suvival Guide for Rush-Hour Women') - in Dutch
  • 'Het slimme organizing boek’ (‘The smart organizing book’, for a life with less stress and mess) - in Dutch
  • 'Het slimme budgetboek' ('The smart book on clever spending') - in Dutch
  • Co-author of 'An organized world', an international guide to over 100 quick and easy organizational strategies and tips to declutter, simplify, and organize your home and life - in English


She has been a guest expert on television (RTV, VRT, VTM...) and national radio (Radio 2, Joe FM, Nostalgie, MNM...) and and has featured in many (online) newspapers and magazines in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Life & business coach, professional organizer, speaker and author Sara Van Wesenbeeck can also coach you in your home situation.




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